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Immigration Attorneys

Immigration Attorneys



There are many reasons for you to want to come to Canada. If you meet the requirements set forth in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, (IRPA), and Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, (IRPR), for the reasons you wants to enter Canada, you will be allowed to enter.

If you want to enter you will need to make an application to the appropriate office and the assessor of your application will make the decision on your eligibility and admissibility. You could do the application yourself but without the experience to understand how the decision is made you are well advised to ask for help from a qualified and licensed person. That is where we come in.

Inclusive Canadian Immigration Consultancy Ltd. is equipped to advise in all areas of Canadian Immigration. Listed below are the various ways open to a foreigner to enter Canada. Find the one that suits your purposes from the list below.



Contact us for a consultation and we will advise you based on the information you provide.

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