The Federal In-home Caregiver Program, is the best solution for filling any shortages of qualified and experienced caregivers in Canada. For both families and caregivers this program is excellent when a vacancy cannot be filled with someone, whether citizen, permanent resident or foreign national, already in Canada. The program has been in existence for decades but since 2010 there have been changes to which many employers are only now getting adjusted.


Employers are now required do the following:

  • pay for the cost of recruiting
  • pay for travelling from source location to workplace
  • pay for health insurance in lieu of Provincial Health coverage for three months
  • sign a contract with strict clauses as set out by the program
  • provide for workplace compensation package to cover injury at the workplace

We process all applications for our clients. Families simply need to give us the relevant information and authorize us to represent them through the tedium of the process. We provide the carefully screened and selected caregiver either locally or from abroad. All caregivers are qualified and experienced and will have little adjustment to do, usually just as they relate to the new country, if applicable. The solution to your care-giving needs very often involves hiring a foreigner. This is necessitated by the fact that various situations may exist which make it difficult to attract a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or even a foreigner already in Canada. If you need a caregiver to live in your home because of your location, your occupation or because of irregular work or care requirements it is more difficult to attract local caregivers. In that case a contract between family and caregiver can settle those problems as a foreigner will benefit from living in your home and you will be assured of having someone under contract who has committed to complete a given term of employment. The live-in parameter is something that must be agreed upon and specified in a contract.


Families are urged to start their search for a caregiver many months in advance of the actual start date. If you have a caregiver who will soon be ending her/his contract it is advisable to start the search at least six months in advance. There are no fast fixes. The processing from start to finish can take up to a year. In cases where there is need for a temporary solution our firm will assist in arranging for temporary help.


Your caregiver in many cases will have worked in a similar situation to yours. But that may be in a different country with different cultures, gadgets, appliances and house rules. It could take a week or two for your person(s) being cared for to adjust. This also true for the caregiver. We would have briefed your new employee on what to expect and we assist after the arrival as well. Adjustment is usually swift and you, your child(ren) or elderly will settle in with newcomer surprisingly well. A period of adjustment is normal and within two to three months all will be humming along satisfactorily for everyone.


We have pictures, proof of experience (in form of contracts), educational documents and resumes. Over ninety percent of our candidates have been met with and personally vetted by our office personnel and we can usually give a good description of your prospective caregiver. If necessary we can arrange a conversation between you and your prospective employee at mutually convenient times. Contact us today to discuss your needs and our suggestion to satisfy them. Our fees are very competitive and we provide long term solutions keeping you abreast of changes in the program as well as advise when it is time to start the process of looking for a replacement caregiver. This will undoubtedly happen as the time will come when the employee ill seek self-improvement, or family needs will necessitate a termination of employment. We take care of this eventuality and provide for a seamless transition.